We firmly believe in the sustainability in all stages of lamp production. We use upcycled materials whenever possible. We hold this especially important in the case of wood, which is being used at an alarming pace in the world.



Everyone is familiar with the issue of plastics. In reality, paper and cardboard have been the main packaging waste materials in EU, constituting 40.6% in 2019.
While paper and cardboard are seen as bio-sustainable and recyclable, a big part of it never gets recycled. Europe has been exporting its waste to poorer countries, where waste is often badly managed or just incinerated, adding to pollution issues these countries face. According to Greenpeace, 4 billion trees are cut down every year for the production of paper (the equivalent of 1% of the Amazon forest). For these and many other reasons, we at Lacabiria do not want to use new materials in our packaging, but are instead reusing old packaging material. We urge you to do the same. No more waste, please. We still have a long way to live around here.